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Show Notes

In this episode we are navigating the noise of HR marketing. You’ll learn what HR marketers need to address today along with strategies for getting the most from your marketing department.

Meet Lori Frucht

HR marketing professional Lori Frucht shares her thoughts on marketing a complex service/product, using marketing automations and upcoming challenges that marketers will face.
She shares her experience working for both small companies and large corporations.

In this episode, host Jerry Allocca discusses the ins and outs of HR marketing with Lori, including:

  • Understanding your different audiences
  • The role of automation in a marketing department
  • Issues when working with vendors
  • Critical issues facing HR marketing today
  • Advice for newcomers to the marketing field

Lori’s Bio

Lori Frucht is the Director of Marketing at PEO Spectrum. She has more than 25 years of experience marketing in various industries including publishing, law and webinars. She is very involved in her community and a member of several marketing and networking organizations. Lori has been married for 26 years and has twins who recently both graduated from college. In her spare time she enjoys Peloton workouts, reading and crossword puzzles. She has a BS in Communications from Cornell University.


“I’m always keeping up to date with the latest trends”

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