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Show Notes

In this episode we are navigating the noise of marketing for a membership based company. You’ll learn what marketers need to address today to attract new members while increasing engagement with existing members along with strategies for getting the most from your marketing department.

Meet Theresa Mautone Kuiken

Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer Theresa Mautone Kuiken shares her thoughts on what makes a great leader and how to effectively manage a team with diverse skill sets.

In this episode, host Jerry Allocca discusses the ins and outs of membership marketing with Theresa, including:

  • What makes a great marketing leader
  • Critical issues facing membership marketing today
  • Advice for walking into a new marketing department
  • How to differentiate in a crowded marketplace

Theresa’s Bio

Kuiken is a strategic business leader who pioneers “first-of-its-kind” transformational initiatives on executive teams in the luxury, travel, fine art, and fashion and education industries. At NSLS, Kuiken is spearheading a strategic transformation of the marketing team to a data-led, member-first positioning. Focusing on propelling revenue growth, brand exposure and market expansion, Kuiken seamlessly marries the creative with the analytical to drive results.

Kuiken holds a bachelor’s from Vanderbilt University and graduate management studies at Columbia University. She is also Head of Community Engagement and Marketing at JerseySTEM, a nonprofit promoting excellence in science, technology, engineering, and math education for girls in under-served communities.


“What I like to do when I start anything personally and professionally is go on a listening tour.”

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