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This podcast is for marketing department leaders who want to learn from and help other marketing department leaders navigate the noise of modern marketing.

In this episode zero, I’d like to share with you what you’ll learn from each episode, and a bit of my own story.

What is noise?
It’s those things that interfere with getting your message to your market.

Sometimes it’s too many competing messages or too many platforms that you must assess and then master right this second. Or it’s too much data and not knowing what’s important and what’s a waste of time. The list goes on.

Why this podcast?
By sharing the stories, wisdom, and collective knowledge of those who have created their own version of success in their marketing department, I hope you’ll learn from their experiences. I hope that our conversations will give you ideas and remind you of best practices to help in your own marketing efforts. Sound like fun? It is!

So what’s my story?
I’m your host, Jerry Allocca. And I consider myself to be a lucky guy. I do something I love, I get to work with a lot of awesome people, and I get to feed my obsession for digital marketing by partnering, helping and learning from the guests on this podcast.

I’ve published a series of digital marketing playbooks for marketing directors. I teach digital marketing at Hofstra University CE. And I’m frequently asked to speak at conferences throughout the country.

I’ve spent over 46,000 hours honing my digital marketing skills. There’s been a lot of studying, a lot of practicing, and even some failure along the way; but, in the end, I’ve developed the most effective digital marketing strategies in existence. And I can interpret the noise of the digital marketing world into plain English. Here’s to quieting the noise, and to your digital marketing success.

I’d also love to hear from you!
Please let me know what questions you have about modern marketing, and what you’d like to hear on this podcast that will help you as a marketing department leader. Just get in touch on our website at

Until next time!
Jerry Allocca

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