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Show Notes

In this episode of Navigating the Noise, Jill Jacobs offers her insights as the chief marketing officer of Friedman, LLP, a top 40 accounting and advisory firm in New York City. Jill leads the marketing and growth strategy for Friedman, as well as volunteers as the chair of their charitable initiative – Friedman Gives Back.

Jill sheds light on how she and her marketing team have shifted gears at the start of the COVID pandemic and achieved success by leveraging content marketing and other strategies to help their customers and maintain top of mind awareness.

Jill Jacobs discusses a range of marketing topics with host, Jerry Allocca, including:

  • The use of content marketing to stay connected with clients and other stakeholders during the pandemic
  • The importance of mindfulness for marketers to be able to get things done
  • The digital metrics that are vital to track now
  • The value in having permission to make mistakes

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