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Show Notes

In this episode we are navigating the noise of business valuation and professional services marketing.

You’ll learn what marketers need to address today to navigate marketing in the professional services environment post covid along with strategies for getting the most from your marketing department as well as support from your superiors on marketing initiatives.

Meet Virginia Lestingi

Marketing Director Virginia Lestingi shares her thoughts and best advice for marketing professionals on both managing a team and your individual growth as a professional.

In this episode, host Jerry Allocca discusses the ins and outs of professional services marketing with Virginia, including:

  • What’s the noise in professional services marketing today
  • Differentiating between different types of professional services marketing
  • Advice for budgeting and utilizing content in a post covid environment
  • How events and networking have changed after covid

Virginia’s Bio

Virginia is the Director of Marketing at Empire Valuation Consultants, where she develops and oversees all marketing and communication efforts for the firm. Her responsibilities include, but are not limited to, collaborating with firm leaders to identify and execute appropriate marketing tactics and overall strategic marketing plans for the firm. She directs branding, advertising, e-mail campaigns, market research, social media, and website initiatives. In addition, Virginia coordinates all logistics for annual conferences, seminars, meet and greets, and other networking events, and identifies sponsorship and networking opportunities for the firm.

Virginia is very active in the professional services community. She attends various membership meetings and networking groups to aid in developing new business, which fosters her ability to solidify existing relationships with referral sources and vendors.

Virginia has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. Prior to joining Empire, she served as marketing director for accounting firms and ran her own business as a corporate event planner. Operating in these roles enabled her to build a knowledge base that aligns well with successful companies such as Empire.


“Be your own advocate and ask for a seat at the decision making table, nobody else will do it for you.”

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